Exploring ONDC

Upon reflecting on my recent presentation at the Retail Learning Hangout, I delved into an initiative poised to redefine India’s digital commerce landscape—the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC).

Note: All the images are sourced mostly from Beckn and from ONDC

Demystifying Micro-frontends

Will be covering what micro frontends are and break down a few common myths surrounding micro frontend architecture. Will also be discussing on how to solve challenges when kick-starting this journey. You will learn key ways to implement micro frontends alongside their pros and cons.

This is part of a webinar series, you can watch the recording of the session here.

Strangler fig pattern with CDC

In this talk I will discuss on, how our clients went about re platforming their monolith application using strangler fig approach and will focus on their data strategy using change data capture technique.

Kafka 101

Kafka is an open source distributed event streaming platform.

In his talk, I explain some basic terminologies in Kafka. This is mainly focussed on the audience who are new to Kafka itself.

Scaling Applications Using Micro-Frontends

Modern web applications tend to have complex and feature-heavy Frontends when compared to backends.

With so many choices for frameworks and programming paradigms, building a consistent Frontend to scale is a challenging problem to solve. We cover ways in which you can scale your Frontend application and your development teams by using a Micro-Frontends design pattern.

What's up with Platform Engineering
I was part of platform team, and there was one question that was constantly asked to us. 'How different are we from devops'. So, in this talk tried to break some myths that surrounds platform engineering.
Coroutines in Kotlin
In this talk, I explain what co-routines are and how can we implement them in Kotlin.
Building applications in Micro-frontends way
Jun 27th & 28th, 2018
Munich, Barcelona
In this talk, we plan to explain some general tech considerations that developers need to be aware of while building a micro-frontends application. This comes from my year-long experience in building a micro-frontends application in a geographically distributed team. I will share some approaches and practices that worked for us and things that were learned from them!
Micro Frontends with React and Redux
This is a talk I presented as part of Dev day Berlin along with my colleagues. This talk is based on our practical insights into micro frontends using React and Redux. We will discuss the differences between this technique and micro-services, our approaches in solving the common issues, the advantages it offers and the challenges it brings.
Dealing SOAP in Clojure
This is a talk where i explain, how we did manage to make SOAP calls using Clojure without much complex libraries.
My perspective on Tech radar
Thoughtworks publishes 2 [tech radars](https://www.thoughtworks.com/radar) every year. This talk is an opinionated take on Tech Radar 2016.
Test Driven Development
This was part of my assignment, when i wanted to onboard a development team with Extreme programming practices. This presentation specifically focusses on the test driven development part.
Being a consultant developer
Being a developer is all about writing quality code. however, being a consultant is way different. We need to make a right decisions, and have excellent communication. This talk helps the developers to jump on to the consultant wagon.
Intro to Microservices
This is an introductory talk to Microservices that i presented to JoziJUG community. It has a sample app built using dropwizard.