Printing multiple divs in a page.
2 minutes read

I stumbled upon a situation where i have to print multiple sections of a page into a single document. I actually tried out my own javascript to render only the required divs into an iframe and then the idea is to print that iframe calling window.print() in that iframe.

Having limited Javascript knowledge the above mentioned task was a bit tedious to me , then i sat upon googling to get a ready made plugin that implements this feature and my search ended upon Jqprint. Jqprint is a plugin written in Jquery and it does the same that i mentioned above. Using this jqprint was really very easy. what all you need to do is that just mark all the divs that you want to print with a specific class name or with id. If your classname is printdiv then all you need to do is just call  $(".printdiv").jqprint();

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