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There are zillions of git-configs present, and certainly, all of us have our favorites. Here are some of the configs that I use currently. I use GitHub (private repo) and manually synchronize these git-configs (and other configs) across devices.

Folder level configuration

This is one of the handy features that was introduced in git 2.13. I usually have a root level folder for personal and work separately. Within work, there could be multiple clients directory. Each of these directories will have its .gitconfig-{personal/work/client}` file within it. These directory level gitconfig can contain any valid git-config and will be used to override the global ones at the directory level.

A sample from my work level git-config

[user] name = Prasanna email = work-email signingkey = gpg-key-for-work-email

For the overrides to work, I need to add the following

[includeIf "gitdir:~/projects/work/"] path = ~/projects/work/.gitconfig-work

Pro tips in managing the folder level configs

  1. End gitdir with a /: The gitdir should end with a / otherwise the config won't be picked up inside the directory.
  2. Config will work only within a git repo: In my case ~/projects/work isn't a git repo. so if i check for git config it will be the one defined globally. However, i have git repos as subfolder ~/projects/work/proj-a inside these git repos the email i configured in .gitconfig-work will take effect.


empty - shortcut to create git empty commits. delete-local-merged - I like to keep my local branches clean. this will delete the branches that are merged with main

[alias] empty = "git commit --allow-empty" delete-local-merged = "!git fetch && git branch --merged | egrep -v 'main' | xargs git branch -d"


setup the git's default editor to vscode.

[core] editor = code --wait

push style

push.default strategy to current. this push the current branch to update a branch with the same name on the receiving end.

[push] default = current

prune true

Git has a default disposition of keeping data unless it’s explicitly thrown away; this extends to holding onto local references to branches on remotes that have themselves deleted those branches.

setting fetch.prune to true, it will remove the local branch if the remote is deleted.

[fetch] prune = true


autocorrects a single typo. ex: stats to status

[help] autocorrect = 1

signing commits

I like to have the small green tick in github. We can get verify the commit using gpg keys. Read more on github

I maintain gpg keys separately for my work email and personal email. So the signing key gets overriden at directory level.

[commit] gpgsign = true

this will mandate the commits to be signed.

[user] name = Prasanna email = signingkey = <GPG Key Signature>

These are on my list for a while now. And i keep experimenting with new configs as i read along.

Prasanna is a full stack web developer, with exposure to various programming languages. Uses mostly Java, Javascript these days and got ~13 years of architecting and coding enterprise software solutions.