Expanding Amazon EBS Volume in a EC2 instance.
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I had an AWS image which was created using an EC2 instance of size 8 GB. Whenever i try to launch an instance i usually change the storage size to something say 20 GB. But once the system is launched when i do a

df -h

i still see 8 GB and not 20 GB.

On further reading i understood i need to resize the disk size. So i did the same using

sudo resize2fs /dev/xvde1

But i was getting the following error:

The filesystem is already *** blocks long. Nothing to do!

Then to reolve this issue i have to perform the following steps.

  • SSH to the machine.
fdisk /dev/xvde
  • You should be seeing this message.

WARNING: DOS-compatible mode is deprecated. It's strongly recommended to switch off the mode (command 'c') and change display units to sectors (command 'u')

  • Enter 'u' to change display units
  • Enter 'p' to view the current paritions.
  • Enter 'd' to delete current partitions.
  • Enter 'n' to create a new partition.
  • Enter 'p' to set it as primary partitions.
  • Enter '1' to set it as primary partitions.
  • Set the desired space. If nothing is given the entire space is allotted.
  • Enter 'a' to make it bootable.
  • Enter '1' and 'w' to write and save the changes.
  • Reboot the instance from AWS console.
  • Now if you resize the parition it worked all fine.
sudo resize2fs /dev/xvde1

Check the partition size, it should be all set with more space.

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